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Planning & Preparation

Look at how beautiful this Union Grove High School running track turned out! As a highly utilized track for a range of physical training activities – the asphalt paving needed to be smooth and flawless. Asphalt Contractors was very keyed in on the planning and preparation to make sure this was a track the high school could be proud of and the athletes would enjoy using.


Construction Date
Surface Area
Material Used

Parking Lot Layout & Design

Obviously, the track was to remain an oval – however, there was no reason it couldn’t be as wide as possible and have more lanes than 4. Asphalt Contractors Inc. was extremely conscious of every detail to make sure the highest level of utilization was in store for this space. The track circles the football field and needed to look and function at a professional sports level.

Completed Project

Union Grove is our home. Our communities children go to this school, our employees kids go this school. We had a high level of passion entering into this project and were determined to finish with perfection. Schools are important no matter what village, town or city they are located – these kids are our future and deserve the best resources we can offer. We encourage you to take a look at the track, and maybe walk a few laps around it. Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. for your commercial asphalt paving project quote today.

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