Kenosha Large Retail Store Project

Crushing, Base Stabilization, & Paving

Planning & Preparation

At the heart of every significant infrastructure project is meticulous planning and preparation. For our recent venture at a large retail store in Kenosha, these principles remained the cornerstone of our operations. Managed by Asphalt Contractors Inc., the scope of this project involved crushing, base stabilization, and paving to ensure the longevity and safety of the commercial space. Every step was thoughtfully planned to provide the most efficient solution without compromising on quality.


Project Layout & Design

Our project at the Kenosha retail store was strategically planned to accommodate the vast area of the commercial space and the high volume of daily traffic it anticipates. Beginning with the crushing phase, we processed raw materials on-site, ensuring minimal transportation costs and reduced environmental footprint. Following this, the base stabilization process was implemented to ensure a robust foundation for the asphalt paving. The layout was designed keeping in mind factors like drainage, pedestrian pathways, and parking logistics.

Operational Excellence

Asphalt Contractors Inc. prides itself on the expertise and skills of its workforce. For the Kenosha retail store project, our team showcased its proficiency by seamlessly transitioning between the project’s phases. Each step, from crushing and base stabilization to the final paving, was executed with precision. Our commitment to quality meant that we not only adhered to industry standards but often surpassed them, ensuring a long-lasting and durable surface for the retail store.

Delivering Excellence for Kenosha’s Retail Infrastructure

For commercial spaces, especially large retail stores, a sturdy and well-laid pavement is crucial. It can greatly influence customer experience and safety. At Asphalt Contractors Inc., we understand these intricacies and aim to deliver excellence at every turn. Our recent project in Kenosha stands testament to our commitment and skill.

If you’re in Kenosha or surrounding areas and need expert services for your commercial or residential space, do not hesitate to contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. From driveways to large-scale projects, we promise top-notch quality and unmatched service.

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