Asphalt Contractors Inc. delivers superior asphalt and concrete paving along with a wide range of specialty services. Commercial, institutional and residential customers in Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois enjoy consistent results and reduced subcontract overhead because we handle everything ourselves. Our specialty services include but are not limited to:

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Specialty Services

  • Guard Rail/Traffic Barrier Installation – We build guardrails for DoT, municipal, institutional, commercial, and private customers in both Wisconsin and Illinois. We install high-strength W-beam guardrails that meet or exceed requirements. This includes various end treatments. Our guardrail installation crews can be subcontracted out or work as part of an ACI road construction project.
  • Geo-Textile Paving Fabric – Perfect for when your surface needs a touch more than an overlay. Paving fabrics add strength while protecting the subgrade below from water damage. Geotextile paving works together with the tack coat and asphalt overlay to create an interlayer that makes pavement more flexible (reducing stress) and the surface essentially waterproof (decreasing water intrusion). This results in less cracking and longer lasting asphalt.
  • Infrared Patching – This is a cost effective, reliable solution to potholes and minor asphalt deterioration. We heat, scarify, and replace only the surface layer of damaged asphalt, which cuts down on unnecessary material cost. The infrared patching method gets crews in and out in the shortest time possible, leaving a drivable surface within minutes.
  • Storm Sewer Work – We build storm drains, storm sewers, and catch basins for any paving project. We’ve been around since 1979 and can attest to the reliability of all the work we do.
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