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Planning & Preparation

Paving a parking lot is a project that requires meticulous attention to detail. For mall parking lots in particular, controlling traffic and maximizing parking space is a top priority. When planning this parking lot, we focused on the amount and type of traffic Premium Outlets could expect to have. Our preparation for this parking lot included thoroughly inspecting the area, marking any utility lines, and excavation & grading for a strong and level base.


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Surface Area
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Parking Lot Layout & Design

The layout and design of a parking lot are an essential planning step in asphalt paving. First we determined how many parking spaces Premium Outlets was hoping to accommodate, and what they required in the way of handicap stalls and emergency lanes. Lastly, we focused on the control of vehicle & foot traffic; ensuring traffic can easily and safely flow through their new parking lot.

Completed Project

Our planning and design efforts really paid off on this project. From laying and compacting new asphalt to striping the parking stalls, we worked diligently to provide services that were precise and timely. This is one of many commercial lots in SE Wisconsin that we are proud to say we paved. We can’t wait to service Premium Outlets’ parking lot in the future when they need asphalt maintenance.

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