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Asphalt Contractors Inc. is a SE Wisconsin Road Paving Company. We have 40 years of asphalt experience as well as the the resources and manpower to handle asphalt paving jobs large and small. Get a quote on road paving in your area – contact us!

Asphalt Road Paving Construction SE Wisconsin

Asphalt Road Paving Construction Services

There’s a lot that goes into asphalt road construction.

Building a new roadway requires:

  • Design and planning
  • Clearing (removal of trees and other vegetation)
  • Grading (shaping & leveling the roadway for proper drainage)
  • Building a foundation (the compacted base and subbase)
  • Applying courses (building up to the surface layer)
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The process for reconstructing roadways differs slightly from paving new a road; it includes:

  • Planning (for the most efficient paving schedule)
  • Removal of the existing pavement (often through asphalt milling)
  • Building a new pavement base and compacting courses to the desired surface layer

*Pavement reconstruction is the best solution for roadways that have an unstable foundation or extensive cracking.

Asphalt Road Paving Contractors SE Wisconsin

Asphalt overlays are a much different process; it includes:

  • Asphalt inspection (to determine the cause and extent of damage)
  • Cleaning the pavement (removing any debris like gravel, sand, and vegetation)
  • Make any necessary repairs (filling cracks or ruts that affect the surface level)
  • Apply a tack coat if necessary
  • Lay and compact new asphalt materials

Asphalt Contractors Inc. can also add contouring and striping to your road paving service.

Road Repair & Maintenance

Roads in the midwest are prone to cracking and potholes; particularly so during winter. Our contractors offer asphalt patching & crack filling services for residential and commercial roadways. We’d be happy to give you an estimate on road repair – call us.

Road maintenance is most effective when performed in the fall and spring. Having cracks and other problem areas fixed before cold weather hits will help minimize damage caused by Wisconsin’s freeze-thaw cycles. If road potholes have become a serious hazard to vehicles and pedestrians, we offer infrared asphalt patching services. Infrared patching is a quick, cost-efficient patching solution that can be applied in warm and cold weather. It is also a permanent patch that can be driven on almost immediately.

Asphalt Road Patching SE Wisconsin

Road Paving Contractors Serving SE Wisconsin & NE Illinois

We’ve been providing asphalt services since 1979. Our happy customers are scattered throughout SE Wisconsin & NE Illinois. If you’re looking for a road paving contractor in Burlington, Union Grove, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Elkhorn, Waukesha, Mount Pleasant, Caledonia, Brookfield, Janesville, Muskego, Lake Geneva, Pleasant Prairie, Twin Lakes, Paddock Lake, or the surrounding areas, choose Asphalt Contractors Inc. for an estimate.