Planning & Preparation

The Bunker is an incredible tribute bar to the Vietnam War. They house an assortment of real war memorabilia and items. It is a comfortable and welcoming place for all veterans. Asphalt Contractors was proud to be able to restore their parking lot with asphalt seal coating services. What’s a great-looking interior and yard with a faded parking lot? We made sure to plan this for optimal motorcyclist parking too as a great deal of their clientele travel by bike.


Construction Date
Surface Area
Material Used

Parking Lot Layout & Design

Previously, the lot had faded, the lines were very faint if not non-existant at all – parking was a free for all. In order to have maximum use of parking space – the parking lot design and layout is key. Asphalt Contractors finished this Waterford seal coating job with careful placement of parking lines to make sure that traffic flow will be steady and the most amount of space is utilized properly for parking.

Completed Project

Not a detail was missed with this Waterford Wi asphalt parking lot project. The Bunker’s parking lot has incredible traffic flow, maximized space utilization and looks brand new again. We encourage you to take a drive and check the parking lot out for yourself (and check out the museum quality bar while you’re there). Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. for your commercial asphalt paving project quote today.

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