Planning & Preparation

Asphalt maintenance is important. This Yorkville school parking lot was in need of some maintenance and just ready for a revamp. The asphalt had faded and was cracking, the lines were faded, everything just look worn down. Asphalt contractors restored their lot to like new again with a solid plan, detailed prepping, and flawless execution.


Construction Date
Surface Area
Material Used

Parking Lot Layout & Design

The layout and design of a parking lot is very important to keep a steady flow of traffic and allow maximum usability. Especially with a school – you  need to be sure traffic flow is easy for pick up and drop off as well as employee parking. You also need to take into account disability parking. Asphalt Contractors left nothing to chance and restored this parking lot to look like new and function fully.

Completed Project

Not a single corner was cut with this Yorkville Wi asphalt parking lot seal coating project. Yorkville school’s parking lot has flawless traffic flow, utilizes all available space and looks like new again! Asphalt Contractors Inc. will not call a project complete until perfection is achieved. We encourage you to take a drive and check the parking lot out for yourself. Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. for your commercial asphalt paving project quote today.

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