Planning & Preparation

Asphalt Contractors Inc. has 40 years of paving experience. We put that value into every asphalt project we work. When we got the call for a road paving project near Dover Stables in Racine, WI, our team was eager to help. We evaluated the area to determine the exact needs of the road (is the road wide enough for the intended traffic, how much asphalt do we need, does it require a traffic barrier, etc.). After finalizing the details with our client, we developed a paving plan that would allow us to finish the road within a timely manner and with quality results.


Parking Lot Layout & Design

This paving project did not include the entire Dover Stables driveway (which is quite large). It included the road leading to their driveway and what can be described as a long residential driveway with a small cul de sac at the end. Additionally, this particular project required paving work on the connected highway as well. We widened the shoulder on both sides of HWY 20 to create a turning and passing lane so that natural traffic patterns were not disturbed.

Completed Project

Our asphalt paving team works meticulously to deliver superior results. And we did exactly that on this project. We are proud that our clients can enjoy a smooth ride on pavement that will last longer. And when it’s time for their new pavement to be seal coated, we’ll be there to help again. When you choose Asphalt Contractors Inc., you can trust that our team will be there to provide service throughout the life of your road and driveway.

paving the way

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