Kohl’s Parking Lot Paving in Delavan, WI

Planning & Preparation

In the realm of asphalt paving, careful planning and detailed preparation form the backbone of any successful project. At Asphalt Contractors Inc, we pride ourselves on our dedication to these fundamental steps. This commitment was fully demonstrated in our recent project at the Kohl’s store in Delavan, WI, where we delivered a well-planned and meticulously prepared asphalt parking lot.


Parking Lot Layout & Design

Kohl’s in Delavan, WI is a bustling hub of activity, with the parking lot needing to accommodate a high volume of vehicles on a daily basis. With this in mind, Asphalt Contractors Inc paid special attention to the layout and design of the parking lot. Ensuring a steady flow of traffic, maximum space utilization, and maintaining visual appeal were key factors in our design process. The resulting layout perfectly serves the needs of this busy retail location.

Completed Project

The execution phase is undeniably the most involved part of any asphalt paving project. Our team at Asphalt Contractors Inc is rich in skill and experience, enabling us to excel in this critical stage. The Kohl’s parking lot project in Delavan, WI stands as a testament to our superior workmanship and dedication to delivering quality outcomes. We encourage you to visit the site and see the results of our work firsthand. Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc for a free quote on your commercial asphalt paving project today. We are confident you’ll appreciate our commitment to quality.

paving the way

More Complete Projects

Each project we undertake adds to our legacy of quality asphalt paving. Our portfolio of completed projects demonstrates our steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional results. Explore our past projects and discover the difference that Asphalt Contractors Inc can make for your commercial paving needs.