Asphalt Track Paving – Burlington High School

We are a full-service asphalt paving contractor. This project was special to us since it was very close to our asphalt plant and we love projects that impact the community positively!

Planning & Preparation

Have you seen the new Burlington High School asphalt track? Asphalt Inc had the pleasure of paving the new track in Burlington, WI. This is a highly utilized track for high school students from Burlington and surrounding areas as well as community members. We knew this asphalt track pavement needed to be perfect. Asphalt Contractors Inc diligently planned the project, did the proper steps to prepare the space and ourselves for the task, and made sure that this would be flawless for long term use. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we recommend taking the trip to see it for yourself!


Construction Date
Surface Area
Material Used

Parking Lot Layout & Design

We knew this asphalt track needed to be optimal for high-volume use. Asphalt Contractors Inc designed the track to be as wide as possible and made sure to use the space as efficiently as we could. We took every minor detail as seriously as the next to ensure the ultimate utilization of space and aesthetic appeal. This new asphalt track is beautiful and functions at a professional sports level, serving the student-athletes and community with superior quality.

Completed Project

Burlington is a respected neighbor of Asphalt Contractors Union Grove home. We were passionate about this project. Having given the Union Grove Highschool Track and uplift previously, we went into this project with experience above and beyond any competition in the area. Our local high schools produce the future of our communities. We want only the best for our local students and athletes. Again, if you haven’t been to it yet, we encourage you to visit and enjoy a lap or two yourself. Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. for your commercial asphalt paving quote today!

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