Asphalt Paving, Striping and Patching Kenosha WI

Asphalt Removal and Replacement, Paving, Striping, and Patching

Planning & Preparation

When it comes to a new asphalt paving project – planning and preparation are key to a successful execution. Asphalt Contractors Inc specializes in solid project planning and very detailed preparation. We are proud of this new parking lot in Kenosha Wi, providing optimal traffic flow and space utilization. We take planning seriously and knew this had to be exceptional to accommodate the large crowds the Brat Stop brings in.


Parking Lot Layout & Design

The Brat Stop is host to a range of large events including concerts and weddings. Asphalt Contractors Inc made sure to take special note of the high volume utilization this parking lot would need to accommodate. Simple and steady traffic flow with ultimate space utilization and of course, visually appealing – we were able to put together the perfect layout and design for this Kenosha event venue.

Completed Project

Execution is the most involved part of a new asphalt pavement project. Our team at Asphalt Contractors Inc is stacked with skill and experience. We take pride in our above and beyond workmanship. This is just one of many successful and beautiful finished asphalt parking lot projects we’ve completed. If you haven’t visited the Brat Stop recently, we encourage you to go take a look for yourself. Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc for your free commercial asphalt paving project quote today. You will not be disappointed.

paving the way

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