Planning & Preparation

With such a big project, initial planning and preparation is VERY important. This new lot for Crossway Community Church was well planned and the site was fully prepped from the start. We were sure that no corners were cut, and nothing was left to chance. Due to the extreme attention to detail, this new asphalt parking lot turned out BEAUTIFUL.


Construction Date
Surface Area
Material Used

Parking Lot Layout & Design

Layout and design are key for the flow and usefulness of your new lot. With this large asphalt lot paving in Bristol, Wi – we were sure to plan a design that would get the highest amount of use and best possible traffic flow. Now hundreds of cars can park and traffic is smooth for every service and event at Crossway Community Church.

Completed Project

We made our initial goal PERFECTION – and we delivered. This new asphalt lot in Bristol, Wi at Crossway Community Church turned out amazing as expected. It looks great and functions even better. We pride ourselves in all of our asphalt paving projects no matter the size. We encourage you to go check out our work first hand and then contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. for your commercial asphalt paving project quote today!

paving the way

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