Planning & Preparation

Another one of many projects Asphalt Contractors Inc. is proud to showcase! The key to a successful asphalt project starts with the initial planning and preparation. We pride ourselves in unmatched attention to detail and superior execution. Our planning starts with the initial inquiry and we do not start execution until we have every detail set.


Construction Date
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Parking Lot Layout & Design

When it comes to parking lot functionality and traffic flow – the layout and design are very important aspects. With this Burlington strip mall parking lot, we knew traffic flow and the most usable space for as much parking as possible was a must. Not to mention, the parking lot is the first thing new customers see and experience. It can make or break their decision to enter.

Completed Project

Once we were done with detailed planning and preparation, we took extra measures to be sure that the execution was flawless. This strip mall’s new large asphalt parking lot in Burlington Wi. was no exception to our superior workmanship. Traffic flow is smooth, we maximized the space utilization and appearance wise, you couldn’t as for a better paved lot. We encourage you to take a drive and check the parking lot out for yourself. Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. for your commercial asphalt paving project quote today.

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