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Wisconsin Asphalt Maintenance Company Helps Your Pavement Last Longer

Asphalt maintenance is often over looked by property management. Proper maintenance is important for aesthetic purposes, saving on costly repairs, safety, and ROI. Our Asphalt Maintenance Company makes keeping your pavement in great condition easy by offering reliable services and making sure the job is done right every time we visit.

Asphalt maintenance encompasses a range of things, but most commonly:

You may be wondering why you should get your asphalt seal coated if you don’t care about the aesthetic aspect. The most important reason is PROTECTION. Your new asphalt starts the oxidation (or deterioration) process due to sunlight, water and other elements the moment it is laid. You can protect your asphalt and prevent the oxidation from happening so rapidly with a quality seal coat. This also allows protection from salt, gasoline, oil, UV rays and other damaging elements.

What is Asphalt Sealcoating? It is a process where coal tar emulsion (or asphalt emulsion) is professionally sprayed or brushed over your asphalts surface providing a protective and visually appealing coat.

Crack filling is typically necessary BEFORE seal coating and an important aspect of asphalt maintenance.

When oxidation occurs, the ground settles, or there was a fault in the base design – Your asphalt will crack. Once your asphalt cracks, exposure to water and elements is increased. This can lead to pot holes, larger scale cracking and asphalt depressions. In order to fill these cracks, your professional asphalt crack filler will pour a hot tar substance to fill and prevent further water penetration and damage. All debris is removed prior, and then the tar substance is squeezed into the cracks to fill and provide a temporary yet substantial fix.


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