Every season provides a new challenge for your asphalt, but winter can be extra harsh. If at all possible, have all cracks filled during the spring and summer months. With temperatures below freezing most days in Wisconsin, it is almost impossible to patch or repair asphalt in winter. It is extremely important to keep snow and ice off of your asphalt as best as possible. Snow has many different effects on parking lots and driveways. 

  1. When snow and ice melt, it seeps into the cracks and impurities. When the water refreezes it expands therefore expanding the crack and making it much worse. This goes on all throughout the winter. This is one of the biggest reasons to keep up with the maintenance on your asphalt and keep excess snow from piling up. 
  2. Salt and ice melt are a God-send during the icy winter months in Wisconsin, but they can be detrimental to your asphalt. If you notice a buildup of ice on your driveway, go easy on these things. Sodium chloride is a good choice if you do need to use an ice melt. If your car gets stuck in snow or ice, using sand or cat litter are better alternatives to salt.
  3. Use a reputable snow plowing company. A good plowing company is a must have to prevent damage to your driveway. If you start to notice scratches in your driveway after plowing, schedule a seal coating first thing when the weather is warmer to prevent further damage. 
  4. Watch for water and ice pooling up. This may be a minor issue now, however it can cause major structural damage later. This is another issue that should be fixed as soon as the weather warms up and should not be ignored. This is an easy fix, but left unattended it can cause catastrophic and expensive damages. 

It’s not too late to prepare for winter! Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc today to schedule a patch or sealcoating before the weather gets too cold!