Winter in Wisconsin means unpredictable and sometimes unmanageable snowfalls. Snow blowing and shoveling are not only time consuming, but also incredibly difficult on your body. That’s why Asphalt Contractors Inc. in Union Grove, Wi. is proud to serve Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, and Waukesha Counties with our licensed and insured snow removal services!

We offer residential and commercial plowing options, as well as plowing contracts. A contract with Asphalt Contractors Inc. means the only thing you have to think about when the snow starts to fall is what flavor of hot chocolate you want to make!

Each member of our plowing team is licensed and insured so you can trust that we will get the job done right! When it comes to snow, we have many years of experience and continue to learn and grow every year! We want our clients to feel like a part of the family, so we treat our clients how we’d want our family treated! We take pride in our loyalty to our clients, honesty so you know you’re not wasting any money, and dedication to the safety of our team and yours.

If you’re on the look out for the best plowing professionals in cities like Racine, Union Grove, Raymond, or anywhere else around southeastern Wisconsin, contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. at (262) 878-4678 for a free no obligation estimate and set up your residential or commercial snow removal contract with us today!


Shoveling snow is a necessary evil in Southeastern Wisconsin. It’s something that no one likes doing (and if you do, send your resume our way!) and often gets looked over or put off. When you put off shoveling, snow blowing, or plowing, the snow quickly compacts and turns into a large sheet of ice putting you and your family in danger of slips and falls. Hiring a professional team to take care of your driveway and walkways means you get to spend less time shoveling mounds of snow and more time making memories with your family!

When it comes to snow removal at your home, don’t trust just anyone. Always ask for proper licensing and insurance documents to ensure that you are truly getting the best professional services! At Asphalt Contractors Inc., we take pride in our professionals and their dedication to doing the job right! We make sure each of our plow drivers gets the best training so that you are getting the best outcome! Each vehicle in our fleet of snow plows is well maintained so that we can get your driveway clear of any ice or packed snow!

Our friendly and eager team is ready to dig you out of all your snow woes! Don’t let the snow in your driveway continue to pile up, contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. at (262) 878-4678 for a free estimate on all of our snow removal services today!


Keeping your parking lots and walkways clear of snow and ice should be a top priority during the winter months for the safety of your customers and employees. Hiring the right plowing company is so important to protect you, your employees, and your company’s most valuable assets: customers! At Asphalt Contractors Inc our plow team is fully licensed and insured so you can be sure you’re getting the best and most reliable snow plowing service available all over Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, and all the other surrounding communities!

That’s a great question, but not necessarily a simple one! Many different factors go in to an estimate for our snow removal services like the size and configuration of your driveway or parking lot, and whether or not you will be needing other snow removal services like walkways and decks. While we’d love to be able to give you a straight price right now, the best way to ensure you’re getting the most accurate price is to call our office at (262) 878-4678 to schedule a time for one of our friendly staff members to visit your home and evaluate your specific needs!

For the easiest plowing experience, set up a plowing contract with us each year to ensure you’re a top priority when snow hits! That means no checking the weather constantly or waking up early and just hoping to find a plowing company that is available. We’ll be there before you know it so you can focus on the more important things in life!

If you choose not to set up a plowing contract this year, just contact us the night before or morning of a snowfall and we will add you to our list of clients for the day!

We often get asked “why shouldn’t I just hire my cousin’s brother’s best friend who has a plow attached to his truck?” and the simple answer is for your safety! Plowing insurance not only protects the driver, it also protects the homeowner. As we said before, our team has many years of experience and pays extra attention to detail to prevent any accidents from happening, but rarely they can still happen. Plowing insurance protects you should any damage or injury occur on you property. You also forgo any satisfaction guarantees when you use most independent plow owners. So while we understand wanting to support your cousin’s brother’s friend in his new business endeavors, we recommend showing your love in other ways!

While small increments of shoveling shouldn’t hurt you, the combination of an elevated heart rate and blood pressure from shoveling and the lack of blood flow to the heart from the cold can cause some pretty serious health scares. Our professionals are just that, professionals! So we have the experience and skills to stay safe and keep others safe in the process! Shoveling also poses a major fall risk that could cause serious injuries.

Asphalt Contractors Inc. is proud to provide plowing and other snow removal services to southeastern Wisconsin and parts of Northeastern Illinois!

Some of our service areas include: Union Grove, Burlington, Waterford, Tichigan, Sturtevant, Mount Pleasant, Caledonia, Racine, Franklin, Oak Creek, Hales Corners, Greendale, Greenfield, Cudahy, St. Francis, Bayview, Milwaukee, Mukwonago, Muskego, New Berlin, Waukesha, Brookfield, Delafield, Lake Geneva, Elkhorn, Delevan, East Troy, Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Salem, Paddock Lake, Winthrop Harbor, Antioch, and Zion. Contact us at (262) 878-4678 for a free estimate on our snow removal services!

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