Winter is, without a doubt, the most damaging season on an evenly paved surface. The freeze-thaw process is not pleasant for any solid substance, and anything weaker than solid pavement can expect to be absolutely ravaged by the winter cold; sometimes even shattering altogether.

One way in which to delay the effects of ice on your hard surfaces is to pave them with asphalt. This must be done in due time. If you wait too long and the ground gets too close to freezing temperatures, then the pavement process will not be as effective or not even possible until next spring.

It’s important to note that pavement, for all its toughness, is not immune to damage itself; and can suffer significant wear and tear throughout winter. This will be all the more pronounced if there are cracks or potholes in the ground to begin with. Have your asphalt repaired or repaved if necessary to save you money long term.

Asphalt Paving Must Be Done Before Freezing Temperatures Hit

The nature of asphalt paving and the composition of asphalt itself is the reason your driveway or parking lot cannot be paved in temperatures that are too cold.

When the asphalt arrives, it is steaming hot. Your contractor then pours the liquid asphalt all over your driveway. In this state, it is easy to spread evenly and leaves the ground with that neat black sheen. Especially on a hot day, the asphalt will be soft and watery for a long time; losing its heat very slowly while the pavement cures.

If the air and floor are very cold, the asphalt will cool down much more quickly than desired. This usually results in an ugly situation where the asphalt can’t be rolled easily or evenly and leaves you with a bumpy, unpleasant surface; which will make you wish you had left it alone altogether. It will also be impossible to fix until temperatures fall again in the spring.

Now is the Time to Schedule Asphalt Paving & Maintenance

Now that autumn is rolling in, it’s time for you to seriously consider getting this type of work done in preparation for winter. Let Asphalt Contractors Inc. pour your asphalt driveway before the cold rolls in. Our incredible professionals service areas including Lake Geneva, Elkhorn, Burlington, Waterford, and Wind Lake. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or to get a free quote online if you live in SE Wisconsin!

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