Even with the best maintenance, asphalt surfaces eventually will need to be resurfaced. With proper maintenance, your asphalt driveway should hold on for 15-25 years before it needs to be stripped down and resurfaced. The longevity of your driveway or parking lot is dependent on traffic, upkeep, climate, and much more. Knowing when it’s time to stop just filling in cracks and patching holes is important for both visual appeal and safety reasons.

Unlike sealcoating, resurfacing involves more steps to prepare for the asphalt to get the best longevity. These steps ensure you are starting off with a clean slate for a better outcome. 

  1. The first step of asphalt resurfacing is milling. This removes the top layer of the old asphalt leaving behind small grooves that will allow the new asphalt to adhere properly. This is also when any major imperfections will be evaluated. 
  2. After the top layer is removed, the pavement is repaired. At this point small sections may be removed deeper in rectangle patches for a more thorough repair. We then mill those sections again before moving on to paving. 
  3. The asphalt is poured onto the freshly prepared surface in layers. The first is the tack coat and, as it suggests, is a tacky layer that helps everything stick together. Then the top layer of asphalt is laid. 
  4. Lastly, any lines or markings that were destroyed are reapplied after the asphalt has had time to set. 

Seal coating is a much simpler process because none of the previous asphalt is removed and just small patches are repaired. 

  1. The surface is prepped by sweeping any loose debris and priming any gas or oil spots for proper coverage. 
  2. Cracks and potholes are filled for a smooth finish
  3. One to two layers of seal coating are applied with brushes for even coating. 
  4. Lines are repainted when the seal coating is cured. 

Determining whether or not you need to resurface your asphalt or reseal is relatively easy. 

Some factors would be 

  • How long has it been since you last resurfaced? While time doesn’t mean too much, it does give you an indicator of whether or not you should get a professional opinion on your options. At Asphalt Contractors we will come to you for a free consultation and estimate to determine exactly what you need. 
  • Aesthetically, how does the surface look? Especially in commercial settings, your parking lot is the first impression people get of you. Whether or not you notice, it can be a deterrent from people coming to your business if people are concerned about damaging their vehicle with a rough parking lot. 
  • Are there too many cracks and holes to just fill? After a while, too many cracks can cause foundational issues in your asphalt and affect the structure of your parking lot.
  • What is your budget? If resurfacing wasn’t in your budget for the time being, you may be able to get another round of seal coating done to preserve for just a little longer. 
  • Are there any foundation level damages? Sometimes these can be repaired on a smaller scale by removing small sections of the parking lot. Our professionals can help you determine the extent of your damage and what you should do next. 
  • Time of year. If it’s too late in the season, it may not be possible to do a full resurfacing due to weather even if it is still possible to apply a sealcoat.

 If you’re not sure what your asphalt needs, contact Asphalt Contractors Inc at (262) 878-4678 for a free on site consultation to discuss all of your options.

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