1. Unkempt Landscaping and overgrown weeds can make your business look unappealing or cheap. Keeping up with routine maintenance will help keep landscaping under control. We’d recommend getting reviews on local landscaping companies that can help maintain your grounds so it’s one less task you have to worry about!
  2. Damages around the entrance. Things like broken windows, dangling lights, and peeling paint are a few of the reasons people may stop frequenting your business, this is especially true for the food industry as it gives the illusion of uncleanliness. Every few weeks, do a complete walk around your property and make note of anything that may need to be repaired to prevent the damage from progressing. 
  3. Critters with any number of legs are going to be inevitable around your building, but nests and webs built all around entrances and awnings are an invitation for unwanted guests inside as well. Sweep and remove anything you don’t want living inside rent free and if it ever seems unmanageable call an exterminator as soon as possible. 
  4. One of the biggest deterrents for your business is your parking lot and other paved surfaces being cracked, full of potholes, or uneven. People treat their cars like members of their family these days and if there is a chance that something could cause damage, like a deep pothole or large groove, they will choose any other option available. Not only could it cost you a sale, it could also force you to have to pay for repairs on damaged vehicles. Keeping up with routine maintenance and repairing small defects in your paved surfaces including sidewalks, patio spaces, and driveway can prevent major damages and costly resurfacing. We recommend sealcoating and repairing your asphalt every year to two years depending on traffic and weather to keep your parking lot looking its best!

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