It’s Not Too Late for Asphalt Repair

Winter is right around the corner; which means it’s time for asphalt maintenance! While this is likely the last winter preparation task on your mind, it is an important one; especially if your driveway is cracked or parking lot has pot holes. Schedule an appointment with Asphalt Contractors Inc. before it’s too cold for asphalt service.

How Important is Asphalt Maintenance Before Winter?

The freeze-thaw process in SE Wisconsin is often harsh on pavements – causing or exacerbating cracks in your asphalt surface. Foregoing crack filling and seal coating prior to winter means you’ll pay more for asphalt repair in the spring. Your pavement, no matter how small or big, can only be resealed in warm, dry weather. Days with ideal weather are falling fewer and further in between. Call Asphalt Contractors Inc. today and our contractors will evaluate your asphalt service needs and what solutions are available.

If you need commercial asphalt maintenance in the Racine or Milwaukee areas, contact ACI for a free estimate. We’re also the right choice for asphalt paving services too!

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