Asphalt Contractors Inc. is a lead provider of commercial asphalt paving services in Wisconsin. Our professionals are adept in asphalt paving and maintenance; and go the distance to assure 100% satisfaction on our commercial asphalt projects. Are you building a new shopping center, subdivision, or office building? We would be happy to evaluate your plans and provide a quote for parking lot and road paving. We have the resources and skills to incorporate guardrails, sewer work, concrete walkways, curbs, and more as needed.

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Asphalt Recycling

If we’re repaving an asphalt lot or road for you, we will pulverize the existing asphalt onsite and then grade and compact it into the base of your new pavement. This asphalt recycling method saves on cost and provides a strong foundation for your new pavement.

We also specialize in crushing services. We can bring our mobile crushing equipment to your jobsite to crush your concrete and asphalt waste; or we can transfer it to one of our crushing sites in Union Grove or Milwaukee for recycling.

Commercial Paving Company with a Reputation for Client Satisfaction

We take great pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations, and manufacturing asphalt in-house makes this feat easy. It provides us with a reliable inventory of quality asphalt materials for paving projects – which reduces costs to our clients and ensures high quality results. Choose our paving contractors when you need commercial asphalt services in SE Wisconsin.

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