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There are few who can rival the quality of our asphalt services. For 40 years we’ve been serving SE Wisconsin areas, including Waukesha, with reliable asphalt paving and maintenance. Installing new asphalt is our specialty – we utilize asphalt recycled and manufactured at our Union Grove facility and meticulously plan each project schedule to ensure the highest quality results. We don’t stop at paving, either; we also offer residential and commercial maintenance plans to keep your pavement in a great condition for as long as possible. Our asphalt maintenance services often include one or more of the following:

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Crack Filling

Cracks are more than aesthetically unpleasing; they can also be the start of larger asphalt problems. Cracks that are ignored and untreated will continue to spread and deepen; allowing water and other elements to breach the foundation of your surface and cause corrosion. Having cracks filled early will prevent costly repairs in the future.


If areas of your pavement are severely damaged or suffering from deterioration, we can evaluate the affected areas and determine if patch work is a worthwhile solution.

Seal Coating

Sealing your asphalt will help protect it from damaging elements; extending the life of your pavement. Seal coating should be applied six months to a year after installation; and every 2-5 years following that depending on the volume of pavement traffic.


Our professionals are adept in pavement striping. Whether we’re marking a running track or parking lot, we’re meticulous about precision and maximizing the space available.

Experts in Everything Asphalt & More

Asphalt Contractors Inc. is so much more than just an asphalt paver. Our many services also include:

Asphalt Manufacturing – Manufacturing asphalt ourselves offers many benefits, including an endless inventory of quality paving materials and lower costs to our clients.

Milling & Pulverizing – When repaving surfaces, we often pulverize and mill the asphalt waste. It will either be milled and then transferred to our facility for recycling, or pulverized onsite and reused in the base of your pavement.

Custom Crushing – We have two crushing sites; one in Union Grove and one in Milwaukee. We can transfer your asphalt and/or concrete waste there for crushing and recycling, or we can bring our portable crushing equipment to your job site.

Concrete Work – Our contractors are experts in concrete work too. If you are looking to install a concrete driveway, parking lot, or walkway, give us a call.

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