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Specialty Services

When you need asphalt and concrete services in Southeastern Wisconsin, you call Asphalt Contractors Inc. A reputation based on customer satisfaction, quality work, and affordable services makes our professionals a favorite among homeowners and businesses alike. On top of incredible asphalt work, we offer an array of specialty services to complement our large projects; including but not limited to:

  • Guard Rail placement/installation – Accidents happen. Guard rails and car stops can help to decrease the damage of these accidents. We’re happy to work with any customers looking to install or replace a guardrail(s), including cities, counties, the Department of transportation, contractors, and private individuals. Whether you’d like us to install a new guardrail at the end of a dead end street, in front of a roadway hazard, or in an area where cars frequently slip off the road; we’ll make sure it’s installed flawlessly to assure the guardrail works as needed.
  • Geo-Textile Paving Fabric – Perfect for when your surface needs a touch more than an overlay. Paving fabrics add strength while protecting the subgrade below from water damage. Geotextile paving works together with the tack coat and asphalt overlay to create an interlayer that makes pavement more flexible (reducing stress) and the surface essentially waterproof (decreasing water intrusion). This results in less cracking and longer lasting asphalt.
  • Infrared Patching – a cost effective, reliable solution to pot holes and minor pavement deterioration, this asphalt repair method is good for any budget and circumstance. This practice allows for thermal bonding to surround the asphalt “seamlessly”, filling and smoothing the surface. It can also be driven on almost immediately after repair.
  • Storm Sewer Work – Storm drain, storm sewer, and catch basin for any paving projects. Especially when large areas of previously unpaved ground are being used for your project, it is important to address drainage needs.

Contact Asphalt Contractors Inc. for more information about specialty services and our above and beyond options for your next big asphalt or concrete project.