Asphalt sealcoating is a great method to increase the life of your asphalt surface. The harsh winter has damaging effects on your asphalt. Proper seal coating and maintenance will help to protect it and slow the oxidation effects of the freeze/thaw process.

Why should you Asphalt Sealcoat before Winter?

  • For drying of Asphalt Seal coating you need sun and at least 24 hours of dry weather
  • Sealcoat protects your asphalt from the penetration of unwanted moisture (namely snow and melting snow that can cause severe damage)
  • The sealcoat provides an extra layer of protection to slow the oxidation process the freeze/thaw of a Wisconsin Winter causes
  • Your asphalt will stay in the best possible condition and still look great in the spring when all the snow melts.

In Short: Proper pre-winter maintenance of your asphalt does the following for you: save money, slow oxidation, prevent water from penetration, and improve appearance.


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  1. Troy
    Troy says:

    That’s interesting that a sealcoat will provide an extra layer of protection to slow the oxidation process that a freeze/thaw cycle can cause. I’ve heard that sealing will also make the surface safer to drive on, especially during the winter months, because of the prevention of potholes. I’ll have to take these things into consideration as I decide whether or not to get a sealcoat done.

  2. Tomas
    Tomas says:

    My wife and I recently purchased a home with an asphalt driveway. We have been discussing the differences between asphalt and concrete. We didn’t know that sealing asphalt actually protected asphalt from penetration of moisture. That seems like a very valuable tool in maintaining asphalt driveways.


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